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Bell's Original New York Pepperoni is purposely designed for the connoisseur wanting to create that authentic New York Pepperoni pizza taste in their own home.   

Bell's Original New York Pepperoni is purposely designed for the connoisseur wanting to create that authentic New York Pepperoni pizza taste in their own home.


Imagine walking into a New York deli and asking to try their finest pepperoni, that is the taste you can expect to experience from Bell's Original New York Pepperoni. Lightly smoked, rich with bell and cayenne peppers, this pepperoni packs the perfect amount of heat. Leave it to age and you will receive a mouth watering taste that will leave you speechless.

Only premium ingredients including Free Famed New Zealand Pork and Beef make it into our batch made pepperoni, hand crafted by our award winning Christchurch butcher. There are no fillers such as soy etc in Bell's Pepperoni, just the good stuff.

Purposely designed to make the perfect pepperoni pizza, we guarantee you won't experience a better slice anywhere in New Zealand.

Bell's New York Pepperoni comes in two "flavours" (more spiciness than flavour) - Original (what you would expect from a solid pepperoni, it is well balanced and packs a lot of heat), and Mild (tame enough to give everyone a go but warm enough to still excite you!).

About Bell's

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How it Began

Bell's was started out of an obsession with trying to create the perfect New York Pepperoni pizza at home. After searching endlessly in NZ for some real pepperoni (the type you get on an NYC pizza), we thought; "Bugger it, lets make our own". So we tracked down a boutique award winning salami manufacturer just outside of Christchurch and commissioned them to make us some authentic tasting New York pepperoni.

We were so impressed with the taste on our pizza (check out our recipe for a super simple, yet ridiculously good home made New York pizza sauce) that we decided to share it with the rest of the pizza lovers in New Zealand.


The Brand

We decided to keep the name simple so it could be easily distinguished from the NZ style Pepperoni:

  • Bell's - Stands for Bell Peppers (Capsicum) - the main ingredient/spice in real pepperoni.
  • New York Pepperoni - Pretty sure it speaks for itself.


The Heat

We thought it was best to have a couple of levels of heat for our pepperoni so more New Zealander's could enjoy it depending on their tolerance to spice:

  • Original - I'm hot and I know it! Yet I'm well balanced and tasty. I pack the perfect amount of heat, just what you would expect from a quality pepperoni. If your a little nervous maybe give the Mild option a go first :)
  • Mild - I'm still well balanced but I'm everybodys friend. I still pack some heat (I am a pepperoni after all) but I'm sure you can handle me!

If you try Bell's New York Pepperoni and enjoy it, please help us spread the word!



NZ/AUS - Capsicum USA - Bell Pepper Italy - Peperone/Peperoni

NZ/AUS - Capsicum
USA - Bell Pepper
Italy - Peperone/Peperoni

Is Bell's New York Pepperoni made in New York?

No. Bell's New York Pepperoni is made just outside of Christchurch by our award winning butcher using NZ beef and pork. However it tastes just like the quality pepperoni you would buy from New York deli's. The name is to distinguish our real pepperoni from the kiwi peppercorn version of salami that is commonly called pepperoni in NZ.

Isn't Pepperoni from Italy?

No. Pepperoni is North American, not Italian as many may think. Pepperoni is an American take on Italian salami. The name has been borrowed from the Italian name Peperoni (notice only the single 'p' in the middle) which mean's "big pepper's" - we call them Capsicum, American's call them Bell Peppers. We assume they used this word because they wanted an Italian word to represent the main spice that is in pepperoni, which is Sweet Paprika, aka ground Bell Pepper, aka Capsicum aka Peperoni. Confused yet? However we are not sure why they added the extra "p" it just makes it even more confusing.

Peperoni pizza in Italy. Notice the Capsicum instead of salami.

Peperoni pizza in Italy. Notice the Capsicum instead of salami.


Why are there no peppercorns in Bell's Pepperoni?

Read above^^. I guess somewhere in translation, Kiwi's thought Pepperoni stood for Peppercorn as we don't call large Peppers peppers, we call them Capsicum. Pepper in NZ is generally referred to black pepper or cracked pepper which comes from peppercorns.

Can you get a Pepperoni Pizza in Italy?

If you were in Italy and asked for a Pepperoni Pizza, you would more than likely get a Peperoni Pizza which would be a pizza covered in slices of capsicum (Big Peppers) not slices of salami. Huh? If you are after a Pepperoni Pizza (salami, not capsicum) ask for a spicy or hot salami pizza to avoid confusion.

Do i have to put it on pizza?

You are free to eat Bell's Pepperoni anyway you like. It goes good on Meal Mates with Edam Cheese :-)

Are there any fillers in Bell's Pepperoni?

Nope, just the good stuff; NZ Pork, Beef and seasoning as well as preservative.

Is Bell's New York Pepperoni Gluten Free?

Yes, it sure is! However if the pizza dough you are putting Bell's on is Gluten Free then you are making it wrong :-)

Is it Vegan?

No sorry, our pepperoni is full of NZ Pork and Beef.

Where to buy?

Online - Buy Online NOW! - Click here


Farro Fresh Epsom - 446 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland

Farro Fresh Grey Lynn - 34 Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Farro Fresh Mt Eden - 422 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland

Farro Fresh Mt Wellington - 80 Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Farro Fresh North Shore - Cnr Constellation Drive & Parkway Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland

Farro Fresh Orakei Bay Village - 223 Orakei Road, Remuera, Auckland

The Meat Room - 26 Anzac Road, Browns Bay - 09-973 1989

Everywhere Else

We are currently rolling out our Pepperoni around New Zealand. If you are interested in purchasing or stocking/selling Bell's Original New York Pepperoni, please use the 'Contact Us' form below to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The team launching Bell's @ The Food Show Auckland

The team launching Bell's @ The Food Show Auckland


Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with Bell's, you can contact us using the form below or by the following details:

Phone - 09 282 4198

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Postal - Suite 8346, 17B Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland


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